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Recent Sites from BMWD

Recent Sites by BMWD

Below are some of our recent sites, hopefully this will give you a good idea of what we can do. For more information or if you have something specific in mind, send us a message today! We look forward to building your website!


Ken Hall Knives

Ken's knives are incredible and stunning to look at, so we wanted the focus to primarily be on the piece itself. Ken opted out of selling the knives with a built in shopping cart system since he's selling the knives in multiple other locations, so we set it up primarily as a gallery for his knives and regular updates from him about his business, events he's a part of and of course his latest knives. If you're in the market for a very high quality hand forged knife, then check him out!

Just Cat Videos

Just Cat Videos was an interesting site to build, as the needs were very specific. The look and layout of the site was simple enough, a simple grid format showcasing regular videos and fun cat products, but what's going on the background was much more complex. The client wanted something that would be simple to clone, basically copying the site but with a different theme (as you can see they did just that and have several of these sites running for dog videos, ghost videos, unexplained videos etc). The site needed to be able to pull content from youtube and pull products from amazon automatically, and automatically update social media. The client was very pleased, as we made the site to run almost completely automated. They spend about 5 minutes a week doing quick updates and clearing the cache and the site runs itself as well as limits server load (reducing hosting costs). We also helped them integrate various advertising to monetize their site. If you want to watch some funny cat videos check them out!

Worst of Asheville

Worst of Asheville is a site for people in the asheville area to post and discuss complaints about everything from local government to local businesses. We went with a minimal design, with social network integration for membership and lots of room for adding new features. We wanted to ensure simple navigation, encourage member activity, have nice clean forms and have a very simple user interface. A nice blend between clean design and functionality. 

Crazy Daily Content

Crazy Daily Content was fun to build. Deciding to go with a comic-book style, with both the ability to have some of the site running on auto while others are manual. Similar to the functionality of Just Cat Videos, except with several automated processes running simultaneously. This way multiple categories are posted at various intervals throughout the day, each one automatically shared on social media with it's own relevant hashtags and descriptions. Making sure to leave room to allow for the client to write and share their own original content as well.