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Free Site Builder

Free Site Builder? Forget that!

Free site builder sites like wix or weebly or the dozens more out there all have one thing in common, they prey on small businesses with low budgets. Small business owners who can’t afford to hire an actual web designer but don’t know the first thing about designing a site themselves end up paying way more in the long run for these generic free site builders.

You can do it yourself!

We at BMWD are tired of seeing small businesses getting sub par quality and paying more for it, so we’ve made a step by step quick guide on how to design a website. It’s a quick crash course, but it demystifies the process of building a website so you don’t have to resort to a free site builder.

All you need to get started is less than $10 to cover the costs of your hosting and your domain name which is easily explained in step one or is even faster by clicking HERE. (Be sure to use the coupon code BMWD1c and you get your first month of hosting for just 1 cent).

Ditch the free website builder and do it yourself the right way, click below for Site Building 101!

>>Site Building 101<<


Wait, you’re a web design business! How can you afford to teach people how to do it themselves?

What we can afford less is free site builders causing the entire web design industry to shift to being either thousands for some overpriced web design firm or “free” sites that aren’t nearly as flexible and end up costing you $20+ a month if you don’t want to advertise for the free site builder.

So, we decided to team up with Hostgator. Hostgator is a great hosting company that provides 99.9% uptime guarantee yet for a single site costs less than $10 a month. Unlike a free site builder you have full access to your files, set up and maintain your own email accounts (and email forwards), flexibility to use different scripts to do different things with your site, and so much more. We get a small commission from hostgator, hostgator get’s new customers, and you get awesome services at a discount.